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Black Rock Chanel

Black Rock Chanel

Ignite Line-Up

Ignite BRC is happening next Wednesday from 7-9PM in the Canter Camp Cafe. Here are (most of) our amazing speakers. We welcome you to come and enjoy their efforts. 

Joseph Pred 500 Ways to die at Burning Man

You think the playa is edgy and a little bit dangerous? You have no idea. Or rather, you will after this little Ignite talk opens your eyes to the danger all around you.

Cheri Walters - How to Tell a Story With No Words

"We are all silent at certain moments- writers before writing, singers before singing, athletes before sport. It is through this silence that we realize the weight of our soul and the essence within ourselves. This was the work of Master Artist Marcel Marceau, whose career spanned six decades and touched each continent at least 30 times. Cheri Walters studied for a year with Marceau at his school in Paris, France. In this talk she will perform a piece he choreographed titled ‘The Hands’. "

Jacob Appelbaum Anonymity and Censorship: The Tor Network (Or how we will empower ourselves and overthrow the surveillance state)

My talk is about the Tor network, anonymity and censorship. The goal is to explain what Tor is - how it works, why it works, why it helps Burners and Syrian rebels alike and then some.

Jean Rintoul - biosensors and the borg! 

biosensors are going to revolutionize health, our ability to aggregate data about how we work, and how we communicate. If you thought the internet was a revolution, think about what biosensors can do. 

Allegra Searle-LeBel - Physically Minded

Refuting the false dichotomy between mind and body, challenging the current treatment of fitness by academia, and how to improve your own mind!

Teresa Valdez Klein - Hacking Facebook Ads for Fun and Social Good

Advertisers like to make you feel like shit about who you are, because then it’s easier to convince you that their product is the answer to your feeling-like-shit woes. And when they can target their self-esteem degrading messages to you based on characteristics like your gender, age and relationship status - things can get nasty. 

It’s time to fight back! In this talk, you’ll learn some practical skills for raising consciousness - your own, other people’s - about how insidious targeted advertising can be. “

Liam Holt - Viruses shape the world 

Viruses are directly responsible for the evolution of all organisms, not least of which you. Your genome is full of viruses. Viruses colored the political map of the world. The reason you can drink milk is a virus. Viruses make cheese taste good. Viruses are the future of medicine. You should know more about viruses.

Nathan Shedroff - MBAs Have Ruined the World

MBAs aren’t bad, they’re just made that way. Mostly, they’ve been sold a bunch of myths that aren’t true and don’t work in the real world. This presentation will highlight some of those myths.

Rachel Kalmar - The Future Is Sensored

"Sensors are everywhere, and are playing an increasingly important role in our health, our environments, and our interactions with the world. In the past 3 months, the Qualcomm Tricorder X-Prize and the Nokia Sensing X-Challenge have been launched. Quantified Self has hit the mainstream, and the amount of data coming from sensors and sensor devices is exploding. 

It’s clearly an exciting time to be at the intersection of tech and health. But we’ve got a ways to go. Though it’s now easy to collect petabytes of data, the field is still taking wild stabs in the dark trying to understand how to make this data interesting and actionable. We’re moving from a world in which the problem is collecting enough data to a world where we need better tools to understand the data pouring in through the floodgates. “

Ben Woosley - Handy tools for your large-group decision-making toolbox

We’re creating these crazy social structures which are verging on the scale of a society. But how are we deciding our problems? We can only decentralize and do-ocratize so much, some decisions have to be voted on. In those cases, burners should know and use the right tools for large-group decision-making. I’ll draw on my knowledge of voting systems, to share why deceptively simple and little-known systems Approval Voting and Score Voting are the right tool for the job, outperforming common status quo options and more complicated alternatives. I’ll draw on the audience’s social intuition to explain why these systems make sense, while the other options bear a touch of absurdity.

watson ix - What is Akrasia? Following your brain from intention to action

Human action often contradicts intention. Why? In this talk we explore the cognitive and neurobiological structures behind intention, choice and action.

Ignite BRC!!

We are going to have the first ever Ignite at Burning Man this year.

What is Ignite? It’s an event where anyone can share their ideas and passions. All of the talks will be just 5 minutes long. Each speaker gets 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.The format works really well in practice. The auto-advancing sets a cadence for both the audience and the speaker. Submit a talk idea.

Ignite on the playa? The talks are all five minutes. Folks will listen to a talk or two and hopefully learn something new. Black Rock City is filled with such a diverse group of people. I think that there’s a lot we can learn from each other - like How To Build a Multi-Person PogoStick, Why To Bring LEGOS, and Why To Wear Pink Hats & Rainbow Suspenders. If you would like to speak let us know. 

How will Ignite work? We will select 10-15 speakers in the coming months. Before we leave for the playa we’ll get all of their slides. The event will take place in Center Camp on Wednesday night from 7-9pm.

Who am I? My name is Brady Forrest. In Seattle in the winter of 2006 I held the first Ignite. That event has since spread around the world to 200+ cities (some listed here). My camp and I can’t wait to bring Ignite to Black Rock City this year. 

I am an eleven-year burner. In 2004 I worked on the Gravity Bowl art car. In 2007 I worked on the Steve The Robot HEAiD, an interactive music piece. Last year, I was part of the team that made the Temple of Shame. 

An Ignite talk that *I* gave about why people should go to Burning Man and then bring the spirit of community & art BACK to their home city. 

A video of the HEAiD project in action (via H.E.Ai.D.)

In 2004 a group of us built this amazing car…
(via Gravity Bowl Omni-Directional Art Car)

In 2004 a group of us built this amazing car…

(via Gravity Bowl Omni-Directional Art Car)

The very first Ignite Seattle (via Laughing Squid)

The very first Ignite Seattle (via Laughing Squid)

Burnertastic is my fun and silly desert fashion blog. Hopefully it showcases “where desert fashion meets the fantastic”  

Burnertastic is my fun and silly desert fashion blog. Hopefully it showcases “where desert fashion meets the fantastic”  

A beautiful photo of the project I worked on last year.

The Temple of Shame, Burning Man 2011 (by Michael Holden)

A beautiful photo of the project I worked on last year.

The Temple of Shame, Burning Man 2011 (by Michael Holden)